Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011!


Chris and Hud gettin one started

Boys love power tools!
And so do their mommies...because seriously I will not carve help carve another pumpkin again unless I have one of these nifty little battery powered doo-dads. Definitely worth the extra 5 bucks!

Batman is ready!

LOVE pics w/my boy. 
I'm always behind the camera, so these are usually pretty rare...

Batman at his first house of the night...The only pic I was able to sneak, I mean take of him actually in action b/c "someone" (whose name I will choose not to call) didn't want me takin' pics with people's houses in them. Understood, but really, I could care less about the house - I just wanted trick-or-treat action shots. With this being our 6th year trick-or-treating, I know that our trick-or-treating days are numbered.

Hope everyone else's Halloween was a great as ours was!!

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