Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Who needs flowers and chocolate??

Quite a bit of thought went into whether or not I should do this post...Like almost a week's worth.

See, I'm not one of those overly-dramatic chicks that gushes and goos over everything and most people that really know me know that I'm not overly mushy either. Yeah, I have warm, magical, cuddly feelins too - I just choose to express them in different ways than most gals do.

This time though, I changin up the game...My blog...My rules...

This says it ALL for Chris & Me
(Mary Engelbreit rocks!)

Chris and I have always kinda thought Valentine's Day was a little silly. See folks, this man is MY EVERYTHING so naturally everyday is Valentine's Day at the Faulkner house. Yep...I went there because it's true. Who cares if it's a cliche...It's the truth! Not only that, but who needs flowers and candy on ONE day of the year? Once those the flowers are wilted and the candy has attached itself onto your ass, you don't have anything to show for it (well, nothing you want to show for it anyways) and I don't know about anyone else, but our funds come out of the same coffee can, so if we are going to spend money, let's get some extra bills paid or have something that we can both REALLY enjoy. Perfect example...I got Chris tickets to see Keller Williams for his bday because Keller was going to be nearby on the 17th, which is the Friday after VDay. Some folks might say well, a concert only lasts till they quit playing. Nope...concerts stick with you forever...That's prolly a whole nother blogpost in itself though.

So for days, Chris had been mentioning Valentine's Day and I had been shrugging it off because of course we celebrate it, we just don't make a big deal about it since we are a big deal to each other everyday of the year. I'm not exaggerating either...We really are best buds attached at the hip. All the while, I have been oblivious to his plan. He knows me better than ANYone else inside and out...He knows what makes me giddy and he knows what makes me tick. Ladies and gentlemen, Friday afternoon (after an especially crummy Friday afternoon, I might add) my socks were literally blown off with this:

Hands-down, the absolute BEST Valentine's Day gift EVER. So good, that it's prolly gonna count for our Anniversary, Mother's Day, and my next bday. Whatevs...I AM ELATED! This camera is something that I have been wanting for a very loooooong time folks, so it alone was enough. But oh no, he didn't stop there...This man knows me SO well, that this was in my gift bag also:

I have affectionately named her Big Momma Bertha :O)

I gotta hand it to him...The man did his research...he read reviews...he waited for sales...he bundled the items to save. He even drove to DURHAM to get these goodies at the last minute because Best Buy at home didn't have them. That's awesomeness right there folks...and this is what makes everything SO SPECIAL - The fact that he had been planning this forever and he KNEW how friggin excited I would be. AND he was so excited to give it to me, he couldn't wait till today. For the love of your life to orchestrate something so special for you sure does make a gal feel awesome! Seriously, if I could bottle the magical feelings I have right now, both of us could retire...easily...

I wish we would have had someone with another camera to capture the looks on both of our faces...I know I was in a total state of shock/bliss, but the look on his face was priceless too. He was so excited about the fact that I was so excited...wow...that's true love at it's finest :O) Bless his heart, he even trudged around (and happily!) with me on two of the coldest, windiest days of the year to play with my new toy (he knew that was coming though....I was literally like a kid on Christmas...still am).



Wednesday, February 8, 2012

It's a Boy!!

Here he is...The newest addition to Roads En Farm.

Our first calf of 2012 (insert cheer)!

Ain't he darlin??
I guess he will be our Valentine's calf...For some reason all of the calves that have actually been born on our farm favor holidays. The very first one was the day after Christmas Day 2010. Then we had a New Year's calf, a Chris' Birthday calf, a few Easter calves and a 4th of July calf...see what I mean?

They all have funny stories surrounding around them too...See folks, we are a SMALL operation and these animals mean a lot to us. Sure, a huge farm that we could make a living off of 24/7 would be a freaking dream come true, but then these lil moments wouldn't be as special.

This lil guy came late last night...Chris walked up to check on the momma clad in PJs and Crocs, not expecting her to already have had the calf. After seeing the lil guy, of course he had to venture further out into the pasture and his left Croc found the biggest, freshest patty it could to sink into.

Did I laugh?

YEP, even knowing that I was the lucky gal that was going to get to spiffy all that stuff back up...Crocs have holes folks, and even if you have on socks under them, your feet will not be able to withstand the wrath of a fresh cow patty. Next time in the dark, I bet he grabs his mucking boots...If not, I will be running down the driveway to the barn with them in tow.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Random Photo Dump

Random picture dump...

Hay day @ REF...Got up before 7am to have these sitting back in our driveway by 10am AND dodged the rain. Take that Mother Nature...ha!

DaisyMae...Official REF Hay inspector

This bale passed inspection.
Can't you just hear them saying...."nom nom nom nom..." And look at the two on the right...priceless

Yeah buddy....Hat #2
Wishing I had more yarn b/c the ideas are spewing right now.
Planning lunch trip to Michael's w/coupons in very near future.

One happy camper with his new Ipod nano...
No kidding, the watch feature and the watch band are the shiz.
Hubs is an electrician an this armband is PERFECT for work.
Very close to being one of the best things since sliced bread on his list of faves right now.

Last BBall game of 2012

Look at that determination...Love that kid!!
The Hubs' fried chicken...Seriously, yall have no idea how good this stuff is. Nevermind the grease juices on the napkins...
I would put him up against anybody's Granny, any day, any time.
YEP, it's that good....A process we have been working on perfecting for the past 9 years :O)