Thursday, August 23, 2012


We LOVE camping and we LOVE the mountains.

After learning in early February that the Midtown Lodge (our FAVE hotel in Gatlinburg) had closed down, we decided that we couldn't cheat on the MTL by just picking another hotel. I mean aside from the Gatlinburg Inn (where Rocky Top was written) and the chairlift, the MTL was one of the last old Gatlinburg trademarks on that tiny little block. Everything else right there is new, bright, loud and flashy...I get it, but for some of us, sometimes progress isn't always such a grand thing...

So, to remain faithful to the MTL even in it's absence, we figured that since we love camping so much and we love the mountains so much, that we would just say skrew the whole hotel and staying in town deal and camp the ENTIRE week of our yearly mountain trip.

The place seriously rocked...

It rocked so much, that we stayed THERE for 4 days before going into town. 
The only small trip out we made was to the Food City for groceries. 


Riverfront camping with trail access!
Casa de la Faulkner...Riverview suite
Nothin beats breakfast when you're campin...Every single meal for the week was cooked at our campsite except for two....

LOVE our vintage Coleman campstove and stand :O)

Omelet by Chris...Eggs by Roads En Farm hens :O)
Found this NATURAL water slide on a 2 hour river hike


Cool stories and skits are told here several times a week that kids camping at ABC can participate in...

We took in the show on Wednesday night and it was friggin' adorable...Ended with a moral too :O)

ABC's 500' Water Slide!
Literally on the side of the mountain, you have to trek up like 60-some stairs (Hud counted at one point) but it's totally worth the ride down. FUN for adults too, because the heavier you are, the faster you go...
Trips to The Trout Pond...Yep, it's stocked regularly too
Sooo happy that we had the trails and river to hike on at ABC - The weather was pretty rainy the week we were there, so my MUCH anticipated trip to Cades Cove got cancelled. It all worked out though, because the two sunniest days we had were spent on the water slide and whitewater rafting at Smoky Mountain Rafting!
I had plenty at ABC to keep me busy though :O)


DEFINITELY one of the BEST camping trips...

 I would recommend ABC to anyone, any age, from anywhere. The staff are super nice and helpful and the facility itself just can't be beat. If the fact that a super-active on-the-go family of three can stay at the same place for FOUR days without leaving and have a BLAST doesn't say it all, I don't know what does...

Hats off to all the folks at Adventure Bound Campground...Yall have a GREAT thing going.
Please continue!!


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