Wednesday, September 5, 2012


I think I've become a statistic :o(

After several weeks of having variations of the same spots on my arm (if they were zits, they'd DEF be outta here by now) and with the EXTREME urging of my cancer-phobe husband, I have made an appointment at the dermatologist.

I've been a sun child all of my life and have always scoffed at the use of sunscreen (except for on my nose and cheeks). Who knows how many technical sunburns I had before I even turned 16...Definitely at least one good one a year. 
Once I turned 16, I started tanning...

Then the realization hit me...Holy SHIT you've been tanning for like 14 YEARS. 
And very heavily for like the past 5 because, let's face it (skin cancer concerns aside) a lunch time trip to the tanning bed is the BEST EVER. It has done WONDERS for my stress and attitude levels at work, not to mention the tanning bed has always seemed to CLEAR my skin up and gave me a nice caramel color to my otherwise white blandness. Ironically enough though, what has seemed to be helping me might have actually been HURTING me.

Yeah, that's a tough lump to swallow...Here's the nice little graphic that's making it even harder for me to swallow...
Thanks Pinterest...You really do have ALL kinds of shiz to look at...


  1. Ugh! Yuck. Hope everything's okay. I am over being tan, thank God. When we go to the beach, I prefer to spend the whole time under the tent. I HATE applying sunscreen though. I wish there were some sort of vitamin you could take that repelled the sun. :)

  2. Thanks a bunch :) I just read your beach post and was thinking that I should have spent more times "under the tent" too. We'll see what comes out of this...What doesn't kill me only makes me stronger...Plus, it's good fodder for tha blog ;)