Tuesday, March 5, 2013

THE BIBLE on History

Our little family sat down together to watch the first of the much anticipated History channel series on The Bible Sunday night. As we sat there watching, we couldn't help but wonder WHO was behind doing SUCH an amazing and awesome job! All we could say was hats off to everyone that worked on this project and the History channel for always doing such a wonderful job on everything they do.

Then yesterday our son's youth pastor (Thanks J!) let the hubs know that there was a story in this month's Guideposts about the folks that worked to make this project come even further to life...

Here is the article:
The Bible Brought to Life

And here I sit today, after reading that article realizing that ultimately GOD was behind this project - The Holy Spirit is very much ALIVE and WELL and working in people EVERY DAY just like Roma Downey and her husband and all of the super folks that have been involved with The Bible Movie.

I hope that millions of people - believers and non-believers alike will take the time to watch all of the installments of this movie and that it will impact each and every one of them in a positive way. All it takes is a mustard seed's worth of faith...For folks that don't enjoy reading, for folks that find the Bible hard to understand or translate, or for visual folks, or even for people that have known and studied the Bible their entire lives, this movie puts words to pictures and brings them to life in the RIGHT way.

Being able to actually see the expressions on these actors faces actually brings us closer to putting ourselves in their sandals, which in turn should bring us closer to GOD. I also feel like, for many - myself included - that some of the emotions and feelings in this movie can help us to put sights and sounds behind what we read in the Bible in the future.


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  1. looking forward to watch it too!