Monday, December 12, 2011

Some final words for Clementine...

Dear Clementine,
Aside from saying my final goodbyes to my Granny Knott, saying my final goodbyes to you has been one of the absolute hardest things that I have ever had to do in the past 29 years. A very special person in my life told me one time that the best way to deal with losing someone so special to you is to write them a letter. I know this works because I've done it before, so I'm doing it again. You weren't a person, and I'm sure you can't read my blog, but this is something that I had to do. To some it may seem silly, just like they thought it was silly of me to bring you home in the first place. To those folks, I elegantly extend the lovely digit between my pointer and ring finger on my right hand. I'm sure those folks know who they are.

Anyhoo, moving right on along...

I just want to take a short lil bit to THANK YOU so very much for letting me and my family take care of you for the past year and three months. From the first minute I saw you and Jasper, I knew that you both belonged at Roads En Farm. It was obvious that you were much older than Jasper and not quite as spry as he was, but I instantly knew what a sweetheart you were and I made a promise to myself that no matter how much longer your life was going to be, that I was going to make it the BEST that I could for you.

I will forever cherish the times that we had together. I won’t ever forget the few times that I was actually able to ride you before I felt like I was a lil too much for you to lug around. You helped me fulfill a lifelong dream – to ride and own an animal like you on my own land. Just for the record, you are the only equine that has ever set foot on my front porch and then walked into my hallway. I really wish I would have had my camera ready for that one...

Thank You so much for letting Hudson experience those same feelings of pride and happiness when he would grab your halter and lead you all over the farm. And thank you for letting us sling the family lil ones over your saddle time and time again. You never complained or acted grumpy – as if you knew the happiness that you were bringing us.


Your gentle patience will really, really be missed – not only by us, but by Jasper too. You were such a calming, guiding force in his life and I hope that you can somehow let him know that you are fine, and that everything will be okay.

From this point on, I have done all that I can for you. The one last promise that I can make to you is this: I will do my best to make sure that Jasper is happy and well taken care of until his final resting day comes and he can be with you once again.

The song below says a great deal about you two...I will always think of yall when I hear it:
 Little Pony and Great Big Horse - Drive By Truckers 
Thanks again Clementine, for everything that you brought into our lives…You will forever hold a very special place in my heart and you will forever be a special part of Roads En Farm…
Rest in peace my sweet sweet girl.

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  1. Yesterday afternoon, I realized that I hadn't flipped over my daily calendar. The last day that it was on was the 9th, which was last Friday. Clem passed away on Saturday the 10th and here is what I read for the 10th:

    "I hope...that your heart is at rest and that you've found your deepest fulfillment in seeing how God extends His love to so many through you. First His love flows to those people closest to your heart, those people at home. Then His love moves on through you to invigorate and refresh countless others..."