Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012....Great Scott!!

2012. It almost feels funny saying it. I mean Marty and Doc went to 2015 to keep Marty Jr and Jennifer Jr. from skrewing up....That's only three years away folks...Great Scott!!

If the possibility that the end of days is comin this December isn't enough to get you thinkin, the fact that in 1989, 2015 seemed such a dang long time away will.

This realization has made me feel a lil dated, so I'm finding comfort in the fact that yes, technology is amazing and there are some things that aren't that far-fetched in that flick, but thank goodness kids aren't swooshing around on hoverboards and wearing self-drying clothes that talk...yet (somebody at Under Armor is prolly already on if their shiz doesn't cost enough as it is). And I'm not even going to go there on the flying cars. I sit behind folks everyday that SIT at green lights...The general public definitely isn't ready for flying cars.

Anyhoo, if 2011/2012 was the last New Year's celebration we will have, I'm pleased to say that I don't have any regrets...BEST NEW YEAR'S EVE...period. Spent it with great friends and the one and only Widespread Panic. Panic rocked Charlotte from 2011 into 2012 with THREE sets and one heck of an encore. The BEST NYE kiss ever was also mixed in there too!

I mean take a look at the set lists....They started at 9 and didn't shut down till 2:15...Yet another reason why I LOVE these guys!

Set 1: Chilly Water > JAM > Imitation Leather Shoes > Mr Soul, Cotton Was King, Shut Up and Drive, Walkin’ (For Your Love), Saint Ex > Slippin’ Into Darkness> Bust It Big > Chest Fever

Set 2: (Acoustic) Henry Parsons Died, Quarter Tank of Gasoline, Coach, L.A., Degenerate, C. Brown, Blue Indian, Ain’t Life Grand

Set 3: Countdown by S Lopez>Tall Boy, Love and Happiness, Tail Dragger, Space Wrangler > Papa’s Home > Funk JAM > Drumz > Papa’s Home, Machine > Barstools and Dreamers, Pigeons, Up All Night, On Your Way Down, You Should Be Glad

Encore: Disco > Surprise Valley > Pilgrims > Surprise Valley > Climb To Safety

WOW. They never fail to amaze! Random fuzzy cell phone pics below...Didn't even think to take my camera out of the car...too excited. Oh well...

Pre-show parking lot jams...These guys were good too! Sporting events that promote tailgating don't have squat on Shakedown street. Not hatin...Just sayin.
Parkin Lot vendors...Lots of  neat handmade treasures and super-cool shirts that you can't find anywhere else. AND the occasional chicken burrito or grilled-cheese. Love!

See what I mean?? Where else would I be able go get a shirt that has The Gonzo on it AND is referenced to one of my fave Panic songs? Grabbed this jewel for five bucks! Side note: Went to Concord Mills on the way back home and couldn't even find anything to buy in the mall...

Well except maybe this...

Folks, this bad boy has a ceiling fan AND light switches! Definitely on my spring wishlist...

Parkin lot view of the arena...Had to wait 4ever to get inside that place. My only complaint was how the line situations were handled getting in once doors opened. That's okay because all the idiots folks that hit the first restroom to stand in a gargantuan line didn't even realize that no one had made it upstairs yet. Zero lines and wait times...Duh. Other than that, super cool place. Would def. go back for another show there.

Can't wait till they have the show posted to download...All of Panic's shows are recorded live and I have downloaded every one that we have been to. Only a grand total of five shows, but it's so awesome to be able to relive the shows that you have been to! No two Panic shows are alike either, so if you hear a song played one way one time, IF you hear it at another show, it may be played differently or worked into or out of another song...Great Scott!

Here's to a very happy 2012 everyone...May your glasses be filled!!

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