Wednesday, February 8, 2012

It's a Boy!!

Here he is...The newest addition to Roads En Farm.

Our first calf of 2012 (insert cheer)!

Ain't he darlin??
I guess he will be our Valentine's calf...For some reason all of the calves that have actually been born on our farm favor holidays. The very first one was the day after Christmas Day 2010. Then we had a New Year's calf, a Chris' Birthday calf, a few Easter calves and a 4th of July calf...see what I mean?

They all have funny stories surrounding around them too...See folks, we are a SMALL operation and these animals mean a lot to us. Sure, a huge farm that we could make a living off of 24/7 would be a freaking dream come true, but then these lil moments wouldn't be as special.

This lil guy came late last night...Chris walked up to check on the momma clad in PJs and Crocs, not expecting her to already have had the calf. After seeing the lil guy, of course he had to venture further out into the pasture and his left Croc found the biggest, freshest patty it could to sink into.

Did I laugh?

YEP, even knowing that I was the lucky gal that was going to get to spiffy all that stuff back up...Crocs have holes folks, and even if you have on socks under them, your feet will not be able to withstand the wrath of a fresh cow patty. Next time in the dark, I bet he grabs his mucking boots...If not, I will be running down the driveway to the barn with them in tow.


  1. Yay! HOW FRIGGIN ADORABLE!!! I looooove animals! Especially cows and labs! :) Oh, and donkeys!

    1. Thanks :O) We have a mule too...Love him to pieces. A straight up donkey is on my wish lis too though :O)