Sunday, February 5, 2012

Random Photo Dump

Random picture dump...

Hay day @ REF...Got up before 7am to have these sitting back in our driveway by 10am AND dodged the rain. Take that Mother Nature...ha!

DaisyMae...Official REF Hay inspector

This bale passed inspection.
Can't you just hear them saying...."nom nom nom nom..." And look at the two on the right...priceless

Yeah buddy....Hat #2
Wishing I had more yarn b/c the ideas are spewing right now.
Planning lunch trip to Michael's w/coupons in very near future.

One happy camper with his new Ipod nano...
No kidding, the watch feature and the watch band are the shiz.
Hubs is an electrician an this armband is PERFECT for work.
Very close to being one of the best things since sliced bread on his list of faves right now.

Last BBall game of 2012

Look at that determination...Love that kid!!
The Hubs' fried chicken...Seriously, yall have no idea how good this stuff is. Nevermind the grease juices on the napkins...
I would put him up against anybody's Granny, any day, any time.
YEP, it's that good....A process we have been working on perfecting for the past 9 years :O)

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