Thursday, February 21, 2013


I decided to jump in rather than just dip my big toe today...With a need for extra cash (who can't use extra cash right now??) I decided that it was time to make all my picture takin' start workin' just a lil for me...

For months and months, I have been consumed with WHAT TO DO with my photography dabblings. I have folks ready for family portrait sessions, but the weather is WAY to crazy right now to do anything outside and everything is pretty gray and drab. I've got a few buddies with buns in the ovens, but they aren't far along enough yet for a session AND I don't have any weddings in sight.

In efforts to manage my CREATIVITY ADD I decided to put some of my work out there on a stock image site. In a nutshell, this lets me upload stock photography for other folks to buy/download and I get compensated for it.

After doing some research, DREAMSTIME was the winner.

I'm really excited about this and super motivated...Everything is in God's hands and I'm praying that this step is one of many that I take to move my photography forward in a productive, positive way.

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