Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Creativity ADD

Creativity ADD...I have self-diganosed myself.

Yep...While chatting with co-workers at a recent wedding shower, I figured it out. The subject of sewing and sewing machines came up and someone was sew?? Well, at this point, only patches, buttons and the like but yes, I like to sew. Then, I got the compulsive urge to enlighten her on everything I like to do, but decided to suppress it with some yummy wedding shower cake instead.

See, that's the beauty of a blog...I can ramble on about the things that flip my lid. If folks want to read, awesome...If not, they don't have to. Simple as that...It's probably one of the main reasons why I blog...It's such an awesome creative outlet.

So, back to the co-worker convo....My best response was that depending on what mood I'm in or what's going on, there's no telling what kind of project I'm working on...A condition that I have affectionately dubbed Creativity ADD.

True downtime is a rarity for me, so when I do have it, I really don't have it...I'm always cramming another project or activity that I just HAVE to try or get done.
Several months ago, I decided that I wanted to try crocheting...A good friend at work started bringing some of her projects in and they were so simple but soooo cute!

See what I mean?? These lil critters prompted me to make a Michael's run on my lunch break that day...

Since then, I have played around with basic stitches and have attempted a few very easy patterns. Up until this past weekend, I have started what I thought to be the easiest patterns I could find for various smaller objects, ended up skrewing up the pattern, getting pissed, and turning the patterns into some kickass coasters, barbie rugs, dishrags or what-have-you (ha).

And THIS is my first completed hat! Started with the pattern for a hat and ended up with a hat! So proud!!

So proud in fact, that I have started another one...I'm using a different yarn for this one though, so the outcome is gonna be interesting.

I love crocheting, but crocheting requires me to sit down for extended periods of uninterrupted time. If I'm counting, working a decrease or increase, or whatever it is, it's extrememly furstrating to stop and try to remember where I'm at when I go to start back...Having said that, when the Creativity ADD hits me and I need to do something creative, I don't always have the time or patience to sit down and crochet.

Enter drawing...
Ever since I can remember, I have absolutely LOVED drawing. Probably one of my first drawings was of my dad playing the personal archivist mom still has that one. Drawing is something that I can grab a pen or pencil and go with whatever comes to mind. There is no right or wrong, there are no rules and the sky is the limit.

Some of my OLD faves over the years...

Recently, I stumbled onto the site CREATIVE ALLIES. CA is probably one of the coolest sites ever - It allows artists of any skill level to freely submit pieces for actual artists in the music industry. I love graphic design too, but haven't acquired the proper software yet, so most all of my submissions to CA are hand drawn. In most of the categories, the really graphic stuff takes precedence, but it's so fun to have project ideas thrown at you and to actually be able to put your stuff out there for folks to see. Even if I'm never even close on winning anything with any of my submissions, its fun enough for me knowing that the music artists are checking out artwork from their fans.

I also like creating logos...

And let's not forget photography. I got into photography when I was younger because there were things that I wanted to draw but couldn't capture them on paper exactly the way I wanted them to look. Once I figured out that photographs were basically the same thing...An image seen through your eyes conveyed to someone else, I was hooked.

Some of my most recent faves:

So when I'm not crocheting, drawing, or otherwise creating, I love to mess around with the guitar. Music was a MAJOR staple in my life before I ever left the womb. Many weekends consisted of tagging along with my dad and the various bands that he played in...Some of my favorite times were being able take my roller skates to skate on the dance floors during soundchecks :O) Goodtimes :O) My dad plays guitar, so guitars have always been around. At this point in my life, I should be a lot further along than I am with it, but now that I know I suffer from Creativity ADD, I don't feel so bad about it. I know my basic cords and can strum along well enough with dad when he comes over and we have our lil pickin sessions. Messing with playing music makes listening to music a lot more fun because you have a real respect for what the folks are doing and a deeper insight into the whole shebang. Since my son (who is always around music too, bless his heart) has been messing around with the guitar, we have been able to share some good lil jam sessions...He has a Fender Squire and a lil Yamaha acoustic, both of which are MUCH more accomodating to my lil bitty fingers than my Melody Maker.

I also love creative writing. Much like drawing, creative writing allows me to say whatever I want to say. There isn't really a right or wrong, and there aren't really any rules. In some cases with creative things, breaking the rules isn't so bad and produces really unique results. Multiply my love for creative writing with my love for music and BAM...I'm satisfying two of my Creativity ADD items at once if I write a song! Over the years, I have collected bits and pieces of things that I thought would make good lyrics and I am beginning to piece them together. Much much fun! For example, just the other day while at lunch, I saw a gentleman on a liquorcycle with a rubbermaid trashcan mounted on back (no lie) would that make a great song or what??

Huh? What was that?? Oh...It was that second hat I started crocheting - It just called me to squeeze in a few more rounds.


  1. Girl, I am with you. I have recently "taken up knitting" (and I say that very loosely) ... I can knit cowls and scarves and I know one stitch. But I do love it! I need to know how to do more complex things because I too want to make magical baby hats. Also, got a Nikon for Christmas. IN LOVE. Taking classes with that (came free with buying the camera from Wolf). Excitement! :)

  2. Sweet deal on the camera...Bring on the photo posts!!