Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Frankenbunny Lives!

With spring springin' like it has for the past few weeks, I've been so absorbed in picture takin' that when I finally picked up a crochet hook, I realized that it just wasn't going to be as magical crocheting a beanie or scarf in 80 degree weather. Yeah. I mean its only April and I'm already watchin' kids swim in the pool...

So, I had to come up with something else that I could do...Something that went fairly quick, used one stitch and was worked in rounds. I hate working in rows...Can't ever get 'em even. With Easter comin' so early this year, I decided to crochet easter eggs. They are small, quick and easy. Yep - my kinda crochet project. After checking out several patterns online, I decided on one and this is what I came up with.

At the time, I didn't have any stuffing but HAD to see a somewhat finished product, so I used paper towels. Hey - they got the job done.

After showing my new creation to my "crochet mentor" she informed me not to buy any stuffing, that she had a whole bag that I could HAVE. Love ya Fran :O)

I decided the first egg pattern I used was too pointy, so I decided to crap-can it and make up my own. Voila...

So, back to the stuffing bag....
As soon as she handed the bag to me, I saw the friggin cutest crochet bunny EVER on the front of the bag. 

See him?? He's friggin adorable isn't he? 

After a night of searching for his pattern free pattern, I decided that I'd just come up with my own. He looked like he was single stitched and all of his pieces could be done using rounds...cha-ching!

My bunny doesn't really look like the bunny on the bag...They could be cousins maybe, but the more I worked on creating my pattern, this lil fella developed his own little persona. Fran and I affectionately dubbed him Frankenbunny (Frank for short) because for weeks, I crocheted piece by piece when I could squeeze in the time.

Well, here he is - finally all put one piece...Just in time for EASTER :O)

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  1. Girl, this is what I call skilled. I knit. And I say that VERY loosely because I can do scarves and THAT. IS. IT. That rabbit is the shiz. Be proud.