Monday, April 2, 2012

NC Museum of Life and Science

A lil over 2 weeks ago, I was off work on Friday enjoying one of the BEST field trips ever with my amazin fam and a ton of amazin first graders at the North Carolina Museum of Life and Science!

What an AWESOME place!

I went there several times as a was super-cool then (25 years ago) and its still super-cool now to share with my son. A great BIG gold STAR to the folks that run and sponsor this place...Something so cool and something so close to home needs to be recognized and enjoyed!!

Seriously, if you haven't ever been (doesn't matter how old you are) you should go. If you have kids, make sure they get a chance to go, whether it's at school, camp, or with you. This place makes learning fun, cool, and interesting for all ages - how much better does it get than that??

hehehe...I just LOVE donkeys. Wonder WTH he was saying there?

so peaceful....

Caught this guy right in the middle of bathtime...

more peacefulness...the barnyard babies def. have it made at NCMLS

fun with shutter speeds :O)

started rainin right about here...spent too much time up under a tree (where it was dry) playing with shutter speeds on the waterfall than snappin shots of the bears and wolves.

waitin for tha sun...

out of everything that we saw, these lil guys totally stole my heart. the whole trip rocked, but the lemurs were my fave of the day...wonder if they need a lemur caretaker/handler/babysitter??

weird arse bugs...

aside from the lemurs, i could have spent HOURS in the butterfly house. soooooooooo cool...all kinds of butterflies are EVERYWHERE randomly doing their own lil things as if they were in the wild.

yeah buddy...the hubs sported his chaperone sticker proudly :o)

on the dinosaur trail...


25 years ago this thing was glad to see that they haven't done away with it!!

soooo, if the lemur dept. isn't hiring, i'd be glad to help these lil guys any day. i hadn't ever really paid much attention to owls, but these sweeties were amazing. yep...I got left behind these owls were inside, in the dark, behind glass with my beginner arse playing with settings.

ugly as he is, had to take his picture...almost looks like a lil smile on his face


ground control to major tom....

even more super could actually touch clouds!

so proud - he actually figured these out before we did and had one going good for like 30 mins!

the best SONNY impersonation ever :O)
 the drum/percussion area on the playground here has been one of my faves since i was his size and beating on them


See - Don't you just want to check it out?? You should...It's def. worth it :O)


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