Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Monkey Business

Parents....Teacher Appreciation Week is approachin and if you haven't got anything in mind for your kids teacher(s) yet, then you need to get on the stick! Teachers are the folks angels that help us shape our lil sugars into smart, loveable adults. Show them you care and that you appreciate EVERYTHING that they do :o)

After the crochet bunny turned out so good, I decided I'd get a leg up on the teacher appreciation deal this year and crochet a monkey! A monkey? Yeah, a monkey.

My son's class mascot is a monkey and his teacher is hands down one of THE...BEST...EVER. I could devote a whole blog to this lady and how great she is...I seriously couldn't dream up a better first grade teacher. She is creative, she is fun, she is sweet AND she gets the job done! Long story short, I knew she would love the crochet monkey.

Who wouldn't love this lil guy??

Bless his lil heart...He didn't even make it to the actual Teacher Appreciation week...We were so excited, the monkey went to school Tuesday :O)

Happy EARLY Teacher's Appreciation week to all teachers!!

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  1. Yes! Show teachers that you care! Amen, sister! Cute monkey! She will appreciate a hand made gift. :D