Monday, April 16, 2012

How was YOUR Friday the 13th?

Certain that this year was going to be an off concert year for us since Panic is 'vacationing', the hubs and I were dee-freekin-lighted when we found out that the MISSING CATS were coming to THE BLIND TIGER in Greensboro!

JoJo Hermann and Sherman Ewing were enough to have us pumped...Little did we know that we would also be in for a treat with Greg Humphreys warming things up for them.

Greg's soulful voice and genuine down to earthness created the perfect tone to start off what would be the BEST Friday the 13th night ever.

If you live in Central North Carolina and love live music, you should definitely check out The Blind Tiger! They have a LOT of awesome acts to come thru and they provide the perfect setting to be merry and enjoy great live music. Hats off to TBT for doing what they do - THANK YOU for bringing live music like this so close to home!!

Hubs and I have been to quite a few Panic shows and countless other live shows, so it was really amazing to be in such an intimate setting with one of our fave musicians from one of our fave bands. We LOVE Panic, don't get me wrong, but it was so cool to see a more personal side of JoJo Hermann. JoJo and Sherman Ewing are like two peas in a pod. They are both a little quiet, with a modest presence. They share those looks like two old best friends share, and the energy that they create on stage is far more than that of just two guys...


To top off the most magical Friday the 13th ever, I even got setlist fragments, thanks to Chris...
yep - he rocks!

Thanks again to Greg Humphreys, The Missing Cats and everyone at The Blind Tiger.

Definitely the BEST Friday the 13th EVER! :O)

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